1858, the year that Rev. James H. Eames became rector, marked the beginning of the “new” church building on the site where the church presently stands. Hurd’s History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties (1885) reports:

“Very soon after Dr. Eames began his work here signs of a new and deepening interest in the church’s work were visible, and soon it became evident that the little church would not long accommodate the congregation. The following appears on the parish records:

“‘At a meeting duly notified, and held in the church, May 24, 1858, a committee was appointed, consisting of Rev. J.H. Eames, David Davis, E. Symmes, A.C. Pearce, John M. Hill, William L. Foster and Charles P. Gage, to take into consideration the expediency of enlarging the old church or building a new one, to report at an adjourned meeting to be held in one week.’

“It was finally decided to build a new church, and the following were appointed a building committee: Ebenezer Symmes, Augustine C. Pearce, George Minot, John M. Hill and Abel Hutchins. Of these gentlemen, John M. Hill survives.

The cost of the church and furnishing was about seventeen thousand dollars.

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