League of NH Craftsmen Gallery Guided Tours & Demonstrations

Event Details

Come and explore the Gallery at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Headquarters at 49 South Main Street!

The League of NH Craftsmen will host guided tours of the current exhibition, Pushing the Limits, and the Grodin Permanent Collection Museum. Juried members of the League will be demonstrating throughout the day! There will be a reception from 5:00 to 7:00.

Demonstrators include;

Aaron Clapp will be carving spoons using pieces of wood recovered from trees that where overturned during the March’s northeaster. He will be demonstrating the use of specialty knives employed in the art of spoon carving. He will also take the opportunity to explain his work and answer any questions related to spoon carving and working with green wood.

Grace Collette will demonstrate rug hooking. Rug hooking is both a fine art and a craft, that has been enjoyed esthetically and practically since the Bronze Age. Rugs and tapestries are simply made by pulling loops of yarn or fabric through a woven base with a crochet-type hook. It is one of the most highly prized of all art forms, with examples found in the pyramids of Egypt, the palaces of Europe, the White House, etc.

Claude Dupuis will be demonstrating wood turning on the sidewalk under a tent. He will be turning tops visitors can take away.

Deb Fairchild, beadweaving artist and instructor, will be demonstrating her unique approach to creating lace with beads! She will also have pieces on display (and for sale) that feature a variety of beadweaving techniques. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at beading, stop by and make your own floating necklace!

Cheryl Miller, fiber and stitchery artist, will be making a fabric collage with a variety of materials witha sewing machine.

Jeffrey Gale, using his drawknife and shaving horse, Jeffrey will carve freshly split and riven billets of wood to a uniform thickness. He will then hand~pound the wood with a mallet, causing it to separate at the annual growth rings of the tree. These thinner strips of wood will be smoothed with a spokeshave, and become weavers for making authentic, old fashioned Traditional Wood Splint Baskets, …entirely by hand, …the old way.

Stephen Procter Extreme pottery! Stephen Procter will build a human-sized clay vessel in sections using two potters wheels and a large propane torch.